Lulu Devine

Whilst making my mind up between the many indulgent delights in a high-street bakery, I overheard a conversation between a mother and her young child.

'There are three colours in a rainbow!' the child loudly proclaimed out of nowhere. To which the mother replied, 'Don't be silly. There are eight colours in a rainbow.'

I struggle to say a kind word about this country's previous administration, but I had a strong urge to turn to the woman and shout, 'Education, education, education!' I only wish I could be there the next time she sits down with her offspring and a picture book and begins helping him to count the rainbow's colours. And no doubt scientists would like to know what that eighth one is; who knows, it could be as significant as the elusive particles they're looking for in the Large Hadron Collider, that ultimate big boys' toy.

Instead, I plucked a chicken mayo baguette from the shelf and said nothing. Later, at Asda (other supermarkets are available) I found myself buying the biggest frozen chicken I could find, and realised that the first random craving of my pregnancy might just have kicked in.

It hadn't, as it turned out. But since then, two cravings do seem to have taken a firm grip on my daily dietary intake and assumed control of a whole shelf in the fridge. I am now at the mercy of rice pudding and custard. Not at the same time, I hasten to add, but in equal measures.

The shame of it is that I'm not even making my own. I could, and indeed often do, but life is busy and when a craving for either hits me the last thing I want to do is have to make it myself. So there is now a sizeable collection of (I say it with shame) tins of custard and rice pudding in our kitchen.

True, wandering around Asda and filling a corner of the trolley with 17p tins of own-brand rice pudding and custard doesn't feel good. Usually I wouldn't stoop so low. Speaking of which, could we please have it on a slightly higher shelf rather than at almost floor level? The pitying smile as all those cheap tins beep their way over the scanner is bad enough, without having had to almost go down on my knees to get them in the first place. I'll pile them high if you will!

But it turns out that custard is a secret love that hangs over from the treats of childhood well into our adult lives. Think about it; when dining out, custard is seldom seen on any menu, even as an option, and it's not something any of us ever mention when talking about food. But there I was, texting a friend the other afternoon, when I happened to mention these new cravings and he instantly craved custard himself. You see? We never grow out of it. It's a moreish secret treat.

And thus one of the rules of motherhood that I shall be instigating during my child's life is simply this. Custard's too good for children; it's ours!
Billy Kevick
10/7/2010 09:11:31 pm

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Rainbow...

Makes you worry for the education of the child, doesn't it? What happens when she tries to help him with his homework in years to come?

Great entry. Custard eh? Rice pudding eh? Yep, you're having cravings and no mistake. But nice ones. Enjoy!

tony mugridge
10/8/2010 02:16:16 am

ah the custard!got to be the hollingbury store.
last iasle bottom shelf lol :)x

Lulu Devine
10/8/2010 09:00:02 pm

Billy: I most certainly will! I'm just grateful it's not one of those bizarre ones like chewing coal!

Tony: Brighton Marina actually, although I have been known to tootle up to Hollingbury. You obviously spend far too much time near the custard; you know what my cravings are like then!

Jade Lewis
10/8/2010 09:45:17 pm

Time for a rousing chorus of that children's favorite, 'I can't sing a rainbow'!

Loving the blog Lulu x

10/10/2010 12:29:47 am

Perhaps Heston Blumenthal could investigate the culinary and educational properties of rainbow custard? What do you put on your rice pudding? It seems to divide people, I am in the Lyles Golden Syrup corner. (oh here is a link to my short BBC LR Survey which is shameless self promotion I know, but as you listen I'd love your thoughts and those of any others who do)

Heather Hamilton
10/10/2010 06:59:15 pm

Come and live in the Basque country: custard and rice pudding, AND creme caramel always available on every restaurant dessert menu. (I still find it kind of nursery-ish...)

Lulu Devine
10/10/2010 08:37:36 pm

Darcy: What a delight to see you here. Though I can't promise to swoon as Allison Ferns was prone to do whenever you popped up on the phone on a Sunday evening...

Heather: One suspects it would be less of a treat when so readily available, even in the context of a craving, although it's good to know that the British restaurant snobbery over custard is not spreading all around the world just yet.

Jade: Thank you for the love!

10/12/2010 02:18:01 am

So long as they are fond memories Lulu I’m happy and to be honest the swooning always made me blush. Speaking of which, I made the mistake of coming here via googling you.

10/12/2010 05:54:36 pm

I think I might feel the fury of your wrath when I say this, but I've never liked custard.

Lulu Devine
10/13/2010 08:18:48 pm

Darcy: I'm all too aware of what comes up (pardon the expression) when one Googles my name, which is maybe why I so often get asked if it is indeed my real name. Which it is, for the record. I can only find it in me to be as kind as to describe the namesake as a freak of nature.

Brighton_Barca: Good to see a Twitter follower here, thank you for stopping by. Happily, whether or not someone likes the same food as me is so unimportant as to be less than trivial, but I do reserve the right to steal your portion should the chance arise!

Martin Seaman
10/13/2010 09:11:41 pm

Two things the Poms certainly do well, Hot Chips and Custard

Lulu Devine
10/14/2010 07:25:48 pm

Martin, another familiar face stopping by - lovely to see you here as well. Although I must defend the nation by saying we do much more than that in some style. Most notably having the most deludedly hopeless football team imaginable...

11/16/2010 03:51:47 pm

Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.

11/25/2010 10:23:31 am

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